Emergency Relief and Support

It is imperative that we, during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, protect the lives of those within our communities. Our Florida legislators should be rolling up their sleeves with the Governor to discuss the deployment and management of various tools (including the failure of Florida’s unemployment benefits system, consistent stimulus relief packages, and small business relief) to supplement those struggling during the pandemic. Mask wearing should be strongly encouraged until we as a state have successfully controlled the spread of the disease.


Environment & Conservation

In our district, environmental pollution is of the utmost importance, and the health of our neighbors is dependent on the health of our ecosystem. The cyanobacteria and algae blooms in Lake Okeechobee must be monitored and mitigated. Water quality standards must be enforced, and water-safe practices employed throughout the district. “Big Sugar” must have no influence on district and state concerned legislation, and the Forever Land-Conservation program must be instituted and funded appropriately in order to ensure the health of our water, marine life, and economy. Fines should be increased for environmental lawbreakers, especially those which are agriculturally based hazards, and our officials should be held accountable for failing to practice environmental risk mitigation processes.



Healthcare is a human right, and the Affordable Care Act is necessary in order to assure affordable access to healthcare for all. Medicaid services should be available for people with congenital, developmental and intellectual disabilities and supplemental funding should be granted for hospitals that care for under-represented communities.



Our children deserve the absolute best in education. As a product of the public-school system, I firmly believe that there must be educational equity. This means better funding for public-school teachers and the expansion of school voucher programs. During the COVID-19 pandemic, children should be given access to digital mental health services and rigorous academic support.


Voter Rights

Our democracy must be preserved. We must tackle internal and external threats to our democracy head on and combat cyber threats and attempts from foreign influence with our modern technology and interagency support.  Every citizen of the state of Florida must be given a fair and equitable opportunity to vote to include voting by mail.